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Records indicate that there are currently 290 semiconductor companies
            operating in Taiwan, and they employ nearly 230,000 people. Most of these
            companies are concentrated in the Hsinchu Science Park and Taoyuan. In order
            to spread the risk from natural disasters such as earthquakes, new production
            capacity has been built in science parks in central and southern Taiwan, while
            packaging and testing companies are mainly concentrated in Kaohsiung (see
            Fig. 3).

                               Semiconductor Clusters in Taiwan

              Yilan Science Park
              Longtan Science Park
              Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park
              Hsinchu Science Park
              Chunan Science Park
              Tongluo Science Park
              Houli Science Park
              Taichung Science Park                            IC Manufacturers
                                                       9        in Hsinchu
              Erlin Science Park                                Science Park
              Chung-Hsin New Village                IC Manufacturers
              Higher Level Research Park             in Taichung
                                                     Science Park
              Huwei Area
              TainanArea                                  23
                                                        IC Manufacturers
              Kaohsiung Area                              in Southern
                                                        Taiwan Science
                     In operation
                    Under development or planning

                          Figure 3 Semiconductor industry clusters in Taiwan

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