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Overview of Industrial

              1     Output Value

                 The semiconductor industry is a key pillar of economic growth in Taiwan.
            It is one of Taiwan's most important industries in terms of "output value", "share
            of exports," and "investment amount." In 2019, Taiwan's semiconductor industry
            chain was worth NT$2.67 trillion (US$86.3 billion), making it the second largest
            in the world after the U.S.
                 The semiconductor industry in Taiwan is characterized by vertical
            integration and industry clustering. A unique production model gives Taiwan
            production advantages such as flexibility, quickness, customized service, and
            low costs. In terms of industry structure, the IC design industry accounts for
            26%, the foundry industry accounts for 49%, the IC packaging & testing industry
            accounts for 19%, and the memory industry accounts for 6%. In terms of global
            market share, the foundry sector has been the most outstanding performer
            with a global market share of over 70%. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
            Company (TSMC) is Taiwan's best-known manufacturer and the undisputed
            world leader in the foundry sector with more than half of the global market
            share in 2019. Other key companies include MediaTek in the IC design sector,
            Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE) in the IC packaging and
            testing sector, and Nanya Technology Corp. in the memory sector.

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