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The Ministry of Science and Technology in 2017 also drew up an
            "AI Promotion Strategy" with a total budget of NT$16 billion. The strategy
            encompasses the development of AI servers, establishment of an AI Research
            Center, establishment of an AI Robotics Hub, and a Semiconductor Moon Shot
            Project. The "AI Research Center" will be invested with NT$5 billion over five
            years to encourage academic research in AI technologies and applications
            such as: chips, cloud computing systems, algorithms, deep learning, big data
            prediction and analysis, as well as smart applications for health, transport,
            finance, and manufacturing to build a pool of AI talent for Taiwan and an eco-
            system for AI innovation. The "Semiconductor Moon Shot Project" will invest
            NT$4 billion over four years to promote R&D into Edge AI production processes
            and chip systems targeted at the niche market for AIoT (AI + IoT) applications.
            The project will also join forces with the "5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan" to
            construct an eco-system for semiconductor industry innovation focusing on
            the development of pioneering semiconductor production processes and chip
            systems for Edge AI. The goal of the project is to slingshot Taiwan into the
            lead as a global hub and supplier of Edge AI talent and critical components
            by 2022. Foreign companies can form partnerships with local universities
            through industry-academia cooperation programs on AI-related semiconductor
            production processes, chip designs, technology R&D or talent development in
            order to jointly take advantage of AI application business opportunities.

                 The central and local governments are also working to optimize the
            investment environment for businesses in terms of talent, manpower, water,
            electricity, and land. Every effort is being made to promote the development
            of the semiconductor industry and related emerging industries such as AI, big
            data, cloud computing, and autonomous vehicles.

            1   AI Edge technologies include: Cognitive computing and AI chips, next-generation memory
             design, production processes and materials for critical sensor components, unmanned vehicles,
             AR/VR applications, IoT systems and security.

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