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Policy Initiatives —

            Semiconductor Industry

            Development Program

                 The semiconductor industry cluster in Taiwan plays a leading international
            role as it is ranked first in the world by market share in both the foundry industry
            and the packaging & testing industry. In the IC design industry, it is ranked
            second. 2022 will be a turning point for the Taiwan semiconductor industry as it
            is the year which next-generation Edge AI products based on 3nm technology
            begin to mass produce.

                 The current semiconductor policy of Taiwan calls for the development
            of smart chips in combination with artificial intelligence (AI) applications
            to establish the critical technologies needed by industry for smart system
            applications. The government has already prioritized "IC design and pioneering
            semiconductor technologies" in its technology policy. Taiwan's strengths in
            the semiconductor industry will continue to be leveraged in support of the 5+2
            Industrial Innovation Plan.

                 The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) launched the "Chip Design and
            Semiconductor Technology Development and Application Plan" in 2018 based
            on the findings of the 2017 "Strategic Review Board Meeting for the Smart
            System and Chip Industry" conducted by the Executive Yuan. Under the plan,
            Taiwan will build an integrated industry chain for Internet-of-Things (IoT) and
            AI, including chips, sub-systems, and prototype products. An eco-system for
            IoT and AI industry innovation will be created to maintain and strengthen the
            advantages enjoyed by Taiwan's semiconductor industry. Key tasks planned for
            2020 include the AI on Chip Program for Intelligent Devices, the 5G+ System
            and Application Advancement Project, Technology Development of PV Module
            Redesign for High-performance, Easy-disassembly, and High-Value Circulation
            Project, the Hybrid Operating Room System for Intelligent Hospitals, and
            the Development Project for Application of AI Systems to Intelligent Robots
            and Manufacturing. The projects will hopefully energize the development of
            industries related to wireless communications, artificial intelligence, smart
            manufacturing, smart medical devices, and the circular economy.

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