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Potential Investment and

            Collaboration Opportunities

            in Taiwan

                    Joining the core cluster of the
                    global semiconductor industry

                 The complete semiconductor industry chain, production clusters, and
            R&D capability in Taiwan will generate synergies for foreign businesses
            that set up R&D centers or production sites in Taiwan. The semiconductor
            industry is also regarded by the government as a cornerstone of Taiwan's
            industrial development. Every effort will be made to support the development
            requirements of the semiconductor industry, including the provision of related
                 In terms of human resources, more than 10,000 people graduate from IT-
            related faculties in Taiwan and join the workforce every year. OECD data shows
            that Taiwanese students are ranked 4th in the world in science education. The
            "Taiwan AI Academy" was also established in 2017 to cultivate talent for the AI
            industry to ensure that "inability to find the right people" will no longer be a factor
            that hinders the development of AI technologies. Taiwan has a big competitive
            advantage in edge computing and AI chips, and by tapping into the strengths of
            our country's very capable software/hardware vendors, Taiwan has succeeded
            in building up a very complete supply chain system.

                 The "AI on Chip Taiwan Alliance" (AITA) formed in July 2019 is composed
            of local and foreign semiconductor and ICT vendors, local universities, as
            well as national research institutions such as the ITRI. Four "key technology
            committees" were also established within AITA on the four topics of "AI system
            applications," "heterogeneous integration," "emerging architectures," and "AI
            system software." The alliance will be building on Taiwan's existing advantages
            by helping the industry reduce its R&D costs for AI chips by 90% and shorten
            their development time by over 6 months.

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