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2     Industrial Clusters

                     Compared to other countries, Taiwan has advantages in the
                 development of green energy industries, including a solid foundation in
                 the ICT industry, a comprehensive semiconductor industry supply chain,
                 and strong industrial capacity in metallurgy, mechanical engineering,
                 composite materials, and electronic controls. Taiwan has developed
                 large-scale solar PV, light emitting diode (LED) lighting equipment, wind
                 power, and other green energy industries, and formed industry clusters.
                     In solar PV, the overall industry includes upstream silicon
                 materials, midstream solar cells and modules, and downstream solar
                 PV systems. Taiwan mainly focuses on solar cell and modules, for
                 which the best known manufacturers include Motech Industries,
                 Tatung, Gigastorage, Mospec Semiconductor, Giga Solar, and Neo
                 Solar Power. In LED lighting equipment, Taiwan has a comprehensive
                 supply chain with upstream companies that specialize in sapphire wafer
                 and chips including Tatung, Genesis Photonics, AimCore Technology,
                 Sino-American Silicon Products, and Rigidtech Microelectronics.
                 Midstream companies that specialize in manufacturing processes
                 and testing include Chroma, Tyntek, Sanlien Technology, MPI,
                 Polytronics Technology, Lextar Electronics, EPILEDS, Epistar, and
                 Arima Optoelectronics. Downstream companies that specialize in LED
                 packaging, modules, and lighting equipment include Genius Electronic
                 Optical, Bright LED Electronics, Excel Cell Electronic, Everlight, ADATA,
                 Delta Electronics, High Power Lighting, and Soaring Technology.

                     In wind power, although Taiwan got off to a late start, more
                 companies have entered the industry since the issuance of the
                 "Directions for Allocating Installed Capacity of Offshore Wind Potential
                 Zones" and the announcement of the "Offshore Wind Power Industry
                 Policy" in 2018. New entrants in the industry include companies that
                 specialize in underwater foundations such as Sing Da Marine Structure,


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