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The Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City includes the "Green
            Energy Technology Pilot Program Site" and the "Green Energy Technology Joint
            Research Center." The Pilot Program Site will be used for the establishment of
            energy supply, storage, power conditioning, and usage supply chains which shall
            be exported to foreign countries once they mature. The Research Center will be
            used as a platform for value creation for industry and the academia, which will
            work together to commercialize the results of research and development.

                                       National Cheng
                                       Kung University,   Green Energy Technology
                     Green Energy     Kuei-Jen Campus    Joint Research Center
                     Technology   Installation             National Chiao
                     Joint Research
                 Core area  Green Energy         高速鉄道   &  Tung University,
                      5.33 ha
                                                           Tainan Campus
                                                             Academia Sinica
                                                             Green Energy Technology
                     Demonstration  Installation  台南駅  $  '  Southern Campus
                       Zone                      "    %       Demonstration Zone
                      22.44 ha
                                                  #       9
                                                             Smart Green Energy
                                       Exhibition Center Area   Research Park
                                       "        $        &
                    Science City      9.55ha   5.33ha   7.30ha
                                     (Including the   (Academia Sinica
                                     Exhibition Center)  Southern Campus)
                                       #        %        '        9
                                      9.73ha   7.44ha   7.77ha    15ha
                                                      (Academia Sinica
                                                      Southern Campus)
                          Figure 1 Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City
                       Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Office
             Contact   Telephone : (06) 602-5818 ext.183
             Information  Address : Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City (3F., No. 2001, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng S.
                             Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City 711, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

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