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Potential Investment

            and Collaboration

            Opportunities in Taiwan

                    Grasp Green Energy Business Opportunities
                    Powered by Energy and Industry Policies

                 To attain the goal of building a non-nuclear homeland, the government
            has established green energy installed capacity goals which are expected to
            drive approximately NT$2.2 trillion in related green energy investments by
            2025. With the support of the "Green Energy Technology Industry Innovation
            Promotion Plan," the government has attracted domestic and foreign companies
            in investments in the blades, castings, tower, nacelle assembly, wind farm
            maintenance, inverters, and energy storage systems in the solar PV industry,
            and electrical power, chassis, and entire vehicle investments for electric vehicles.
            Foreign companies can expand their investments in Taiwan or form partnerships
            to jointly create a green energy industrial chain.

                    Expand Wind Potential Zones and
              2     Offshore Wind Power Business
                    Opportunities in Taiwan

                 Taiwan has abundant offshore wind power resources. According to survey
            data on the professional offshore wind power website 4C Offshore, nine out of
            the top ten offshore wind power sites with potential for development lie along the
            coast of Taiwan (Figure 2).

                 To help domestic and foreign businesses invest in business opportunities
            in Taiwan's offshore wind power development, the government has provided a
            reasonable feed-in tariff system and planned 36 offshore wind potential zones.
            In addition, it plans to set up ports along the west coast of Taiwan dedicated to

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