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Potential Investment

            and Collaboration

            Opportunities in Taiwan

                    Development of Market Opportunities
                    for New Materials

                 The government is promoting green production processes and introducing
            smart manufacturing for the development of environmentally-friendly, safe, and
            high value-added products, high-value new materials, and is developing new
            environmentally-friendly and low-carbon materials. The government welcomes
            international companies to engage in investments, cooperation, technology
            transfers, or joint development in Taiwan to develop the new materials market in
            the Asia-Pacific region.

                    Partnership with Local Industries
              2     for Promoting Pilot Programs for the
                    Recycling Industry

                 According to the "National Recycling Zone Pilot Program and New Material
            Recycling Industrial Park Application and Establishment Plan," the government
            has identified the establishment of "circular economy industrial parks" as an
            important long-term task. It provides international companies with brand new
            development zones for the development of green and high-value materials.

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