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Industrial and Government Support

                    for Nationwide Circular Economy:
                    Establishment of Taiwan Circular
                    Economy 100 (TCE 100)

                 The "Taiwan Circular Economy 100 (TCE 100) was established at the
            "Asia Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable" on October 17, 2019. More than
            220 entities from industry, government, academia, and research institutions have
            joined TCE 100 and pledged their full support for the circular economy era and
            implementation of strategies and measures for achieving a circular economy.

                 The TCE 100 seeks to leverage collaboration between the public and
            private sectors to concentrate industrial innovation capacity. It aims to duplicate
            the successful experience of production, consumption, and recycling in order to
            create new service models based on the circular economy. It shall serve as a
            role model and exert influence while forming strong foundations in the industry,
            and shall continue to strengthen international connections and open up a new
            era of a circular economy with a solid foundation in Taiwan to facilitate global
            expansion. The TCE 100 shall invite all sectors to take part in the initiative and
            welcome international partners to form a collaborative platform and jointly create
            a sustainable supply chain for Taiwan. Together, the partners shall jointly venture
            into the era of the circular economy and create a better future.

                        Figure 2 Inauguration of the TCE 100 (October 17, 2019)

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