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Specifically, the government has adopted four major implementation
            strategies including the "promotion of circular technologies and material
            innovation, and establishment of an R&D center," "creation of a new circular
            economy  demonstration  park,"  "promotion  of  green  consumption  and
            exchanges," and "integration of energy resource integration and promotion of
            industrial symbiosis." The plan is designed to help key industries (e.g. metallurgy,
            petrochemicals, and other materials industries) develop innovative material
            technologies and increase the value of renewable resources. It will also tap into
            the capabilities of industry, government, academia, and research institutions
            to implement a new circular economy demonstration park, and to share the
            experience that the government has accumulated in the process of integrating
            resources and planning for the implementation of its strategies (see Figure 1).

               Key Industry  Key Issues  Resolution  Strategies  Policy Vision  field  Expanding
                       Lack of resources  Circular technology  Circular Industrialization
                        and energy   and material innovation  ▲ Promoting autonomous technology of high
                        consumption  research park  value new materials, and developing innovative
                Metal                    ▲ Constructing sites for training of new material
                Industry  Backward technology  New circulation  R&D professionals and trial production.  Shaping
                        and high cost  demonstration  ▲ Expanding application channel and export   a new  Industrial
                                   park   channel for innovated circular new material   space for   parks
                                          technology (and regrind material).
                        Issues of                           Kaohsiung's   nationwide
                      environmental protection  Energy resource  Industrial Circulation  industry
               Petrochemical  and waste disposal  integration and  ▲ Constructing new circular demonstration park
                                          and release industrial land. Facilitating trans-
                        are hindered
                Industry        industrial symbiosis  formation of local industrial space to increase
                                          investment and employment opportunities.
                                         ▲ Establishing circular economy information plat-
                      Investment stagnation  Green consumption  form and verification system, and improving
                      and fierce competition  and transaction  usage rate of resource circulation.
                                         ▲ Promoting the integration of energy-resource in
                                          existing industrial parks, introducing the philos-
                                          ophy of circular economy, creating new busi-
                                          ness opportunity, and facilitating symbiosis
                                          cluster of circular industry.
                   Figure 1 Overall Blueprint of the Circular Economy Promotion Plan
                       Circular Economy Promotion Office
                       Telephone : +886 2 2737 7360 ext.669
                       Fax : +886 2 2738 3975
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