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Business Opportunities in the Refining
                    of High-Tech By-products

                 Taiwan  is  an  important  global  export  hub  of  high-tech  parts and
            components, and the production processes yield large quantities of high-tech
            by-products each year. The conditions for investment in Taiwan are favorable to
            international businesses with technologies for resource refining and reuse.

              ▲ New materials form the purification of wastes
              ▲ Recycling of waste heat into alternative energy
              ▲ Recycling of wastes into raw materials for
               production processes       Fertilizer        Energy

                 wastes                          Sorting for      Final
                                Recycling        appropriate     treatment
                                  sector            use

                                          Materials        Materials
                                          (construction     (chemical
                                           materials)       materials)

                       Figure 3  Circular Economy Market Opportunities in Waste
                            Produced by High-Tech Industries in Taiwan

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