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Industrial Clusters Map

The World Economic Forum's “Global Competitiveness Report 2019” names Taiwan's “State of Cluster Development” third best in the world. From upstream to midstream to downstream, Taiwan offers sound industrial supply chains that can meet client needs, offer fast responses and quickly provide customized components. In terms of quality and quantity, the competitive nature of Taiwanese products is a major reason why foreign investors choose the island as an investment destination.

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Regional Information

The distribution of industrial clusters in Taiwan can generally be broken down into electronics and technology in the north, precision machinery in central regions, and petrochemicals and heavy industry in the south.

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  • Look at Taiwan Now! New Value, New Role
    The theme of the 2020 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference is "Look at Taiwan Now! New Value, New Role." The Conference will focus on the Taiwan investment opportunities available to multinational corporations that seek to adjust their international business development strategies in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

As the capital of the Republic of China, Taipei has been at the centre of rapid economic development in the country and has now become one of the global cities in the production of high technology and its components.

Detail(Taipei City)

As one of two direct-controlled municipalities, Kaohsiung is a center for manufacturing, refining, shipbuilding, and other light and heavy industries. A major port, through which pass most of Taiwan's marine imports and exports, is located at the city.

Detail(Kaohsiung City)

Keelung City
Nicknamed “the Rainy Port” for its frequent rain and maritime role, Keelung City is a major port city situated in the northeastern part of Taiwan. It borders New Taipei City and forms the Taipei-Keelung metropolitan.

Detail(Keelung City)

New Taipei City
New Taipei City is Taiwan's largest city and has one sixth of Taiwan's total population - an estimated population of around 3.97million. Due to its strategic location, New Taipei is the second major city of business industries after Taipei.

Detail(New Taipei City)

Taoyuan City
Located midway between the capital city of Taipei and the Hsinchu high-tech industrial center, Taoyuan is the ideal location for setting up office and industrial production by offering a fully-developed industrial base.

Detail(Taoyuan City)

Hsinchu County
Hsinchu County boasts an abundance of natural attractions and picturesque scenic charms. Hsinchu County has been developed into a high-technology hub and has, in turn, become the home of numerous immigrants.

Detail(Hsinchu County)

Hsinchu City
Hsinchu is popularly nicknamed "The Windy City" for its windy climate. The city is the base for high technology industry in Taiwan, designed to cater for high quality R&D, production, work, life and also recreation.

Detail(Hsinchu City)

Miaoli County
Midway between the Taichung City and the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, Miaoli has a fully-developed industrial base, and unmatched convenience of air, rail and road connections.

Detail(Miaoli County)

Taichung City
Taichung has a population of approximately 2.78 million people and has been officially ranked as Taiwan's second most populous city since July 2017. This city has a vibrant, diverse economy that incorporates traditional businesses, small family-run shops and factories, large industrial areas, and a thriving commercial sector.

Detail(Taichung City)

Changhua County
Changhua County has a beautiful scenery; its well-known scenic locations are Bagua Mountains, Wang-gong Fishing Port, Tianwei Highway Garden, the Baiguo Mountains, Tiger Rock, and Taiwanese Folk Custom Village etc.

Detail(Changhua County)

Nantou County
Nantou county is the second largest county of Taiwan. It is also the only county which does not share a border with the ocean. Its mountainous area makes it a tourist destination, like Sun Moon Lake. Nantou's Dongding Oolong tea is world-famous.

Detail(Nantou County)

Yunlin County
Yunlin is located at the central-south portion of western Taiwan and is at the northern tip of Chianan plain. Due to its fertile land and good weather, Yunlin is an agricultural county with 68% of farmland in its total area.

Detail(Yunlin County)

Chiayi County
With majestic and broad scenery surrounded with hills and waters, Chiayi County, the Tropic of Cancer runs through, is the only one that has three great national scenic areas.

Detail(Chiayi County)

Chiayi City
Though the city has abundant natural resources, most population engages in industries and businesses; some are in agricultures. Besides small and medium factories, the city concentrates on the promotion of industries.

Detail(Chiayi City)

Tainan City
Tainan was established as the capital of Taiwan in 1661 and remained the capital until 1887 during the Qing Dynasty. The city is famous for its abundant historical buildings and relics.

Detail(Tainan City)

Pingtung County
Whoever visits Pingtung County will understand why this lush, resource-rich southern plain has become the focus of domestic and foreign tourists. Its rich natural resources and cultural heritage give the weary traveler an unforgettable time for rest and relaxation.

Detail(Pingtung County)

Yilan County
Yilan is a county blessed with natural beauty and a rich culture. It is home to a diverse population. In addition to its traditional fishing industry related to its unique terrain, the off shore eco-tour, like whale watching are getting popular.

Detail(Yilan County)

Hualien County
Hualien County is the largest county in Taiwan. The natural resources in Taroko National Park, East Coast National Scenic Area, East Rift Valley Scenic Area and Yushan National Park make Hualien the most beautiful county in Taiwan

Detail(Hualien County)

Taitung County
Taitung is the third largest county and also the longest county, owning 2/5 of the total coastline of Taiwan. The natural resources are even more diversified; all places in Taitung are paradises to rich animal/plant ecologies.

Detail(Taitung County)

Lienchiang County
The Matsu islands are a minor archipelago of 36 islands and islets, administered as Lienchiang County. Matsu islands are famous for its historical sites and beautiful sceneries.

Detail(Lienchiang County)

Kinmen County
Kinmen is a small archipelago of several islands recognized as a national park. Because of its military importance, Kinmen's economy is mainly based on tourism and services due to its proximity to mainland China.

Detail(Kinmen County)

Penghu County
Penghu is a shining star in the southeast corner of Taiwan Strait, which is composed of 64 large and small islands. As Penghu is located between Taiwan and mainland China, it is endowed with congenital geographic advantage with dock and harbor.

Detail(Penghu County)